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AGARKOVA, GALINA & PETROVA, NATALIYA: 250 Years of Lomonosov Porcelain Manufacture St. Peterburg 1744-1994

Lomonosov Porcelain Manufactuire / Desertina, Switzerland 1994 (10+249s.) Skp K4

Tuote: 6896.0

Hinta: 30.00 €

AGRIPPA, CORNELIUS: De occulta philosophia

Libri tres. E. J. Brill 1992 (7+657s.) Skp K3 Studies in the History of Christian Thought 48 Edited by V. Perrone Compagni

Tuote: 7017.0

Hinta: 110.00 €

AGRIPPA, CORNELIUS: Of Occult Philosophy Book Four

Magical Ceremonies. Heptangle Books 1985 (11+94s.) Skp K4 Edited & Translated by Robert Turner

Tuote: 7027.0

Hinta: 100.00 €

AGRIPPA, HENRY CORNELIUS: His Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy

Of Geomancy. Magical Elements of Peter de Abano. Astronomical Geomancy. The Nature of Spirits. Arbatel of Magick. London, Askin Publishers 1978, facsimile of the first english edition 1655 (16+(15)+217s.) Ns K3 Limited Edition of 500 copies handbound in leather of which this is number 42

Tuote: 9309.0

Hinta: 75.00 €

AHLAVA, ANTTI: Architecture in consumer society

Helsinki 2002 (300s.) N K3
Publication series of the university of Art and design Helsinki A36

Tuote: 24111

Hinta: 12.00 €

AHLBÄCK, TORE (toim.): Saami Religion

Based on papers read at the Symposium on Saami Religion held at Åbo, Finland, on the 16th-18th of August 1984. The Donner Institute for research in religious and Cultural History 1987 (293s.) Nkp K3

Tuote: 28226A

Hinta: 40.00 €

AHLQVIST, AUG: Unter Wogulen und Ostjaken

Reisebriefe und ethnographische Mittheilungen. Helsingfors 1883, Abdruck aus den Acta Societatis Scientiarum Fennicae, Tom. XIV (175s.+9 mustavalkoista ja 1 värillinen kuvataulu + kartta) S, jälkisidos, ei selkätekstiä

Tuote: 18397

Hinta: 120.00 €

AHLQVIST, AUGUST: Ueber die Sprache der Nord-Ostjaken. Sprachtexte, Wörtersammlung und Grammatik

1. Abtheilung. Sprachtexte und Wörtersammlung. Helsingfors 1880 (7+195s.) N K3

Tuote: 6151.0

Hinta: 25.00 €

AHLSTRÖM, CHRISTIAN: Looking for Leads

Shipwrecks of the past revealed by contemporary documents and the archaeological record. Helsinki 1997 (238s.) S K4
Annales academiæ scientiarum fennicæ Humananiora 284..

Tuote: 8280.0

Hinta: 20.00 €

AHMAVAARA, ANNA-LIISA: Suomalaisia tekstiilejä

Finska textiler. Finnish textiles. Finnische Textilien. Otava 1970 (88s.) K3

Tuote: 10770.0

Hinta: 9.00 € - 12.00 €

AHO, TUOMO: On the Philosophy of Attitude Logic

Helsinki 1994 (325s.) N K4
Acta philosophica fennica 57

Tuote: 29046

Hinta: 10.00 €

AHOKAS, PIRJO: Forging a new Self

Tha Adamic Protagonist and the Emergence of a Jewish-American Author as Revealed through the Novels of Bernard Malamud. Turku 1991 ((9)+469s.) N K3
Turun yliopiston julkaisuja B 192

Tuote: 33483

Hinta: 13.00 €

AHOLA, JOONAS et alii (toim.): Fibula, Fabula, Fact

The Viking Age in Finland. SKS 2014 (519s.) N K4
Studia Fenniva Historica 18

Tuote: 37722

Hinta: 19.00 €

AHTOLA-MOORHOUSE, LEENA (toim.): Ina Colliander

Ateneum Art Museum / Finnish National Gallery 2005 (157s.) S K3
Ina Colliander 1905-1985 Centenary Exhibition Ateneum Art Museum 28. Oct. - 5. March 2005

Tuote: 6903.0

Hinta: 14.00 €

AHTOLA-MOORHOUSE, LEENA (toim.): Ina Colliander

Ina Collianderi 1905-1995 satavuotisnäyttely. Ateneum 2005 (157s.) S K4

Tuote: 37339

Hinta: 14.00 €

AHTOLA-MOORHOUSE, LEENA et alii (toim.): Dreams of a Summer Night

Scandinavian Painting at the Turn of the Century. Hayward Gallery, London. Arts Council of Great Britain 1986 (328s.) N K3+

Tuote: 34495

Hinta: 30.00 €

AHTOLA-MOORHOUSE, LEENA: Nanny and Yrjö Kaunisto Donation Collection

Ateneum 2009 (127s.) S K4

Tuote: 30865

Hinta: 6.00 €

AIKIO, SAMULI et alii (toim.): Lappische Joiku-Lieder aus Karasjok

gesungen von Anders Ivar Guttorm. SUS 1972 (253a.) N K3 Suomalais-ugrilaisen seuran toimituksia 149

Tuote: 5158.0

Hinta: 18.00 €